Members Gratification

We provide our full support to our member to achieve their delighted goals and its our pleasure to serve to our members to have fulfilment, Happiness, comfort by using our prestigious financial products and services.

Objectives & Services to be Provided to the members

The following are the objectives and services of the society:-


The Society would have the following aims and objectives: -

  • Primarily, to create funds to be tent to members; and
  • To Provide facilities for the exercise of thrift and saving among members.
  • To encourage self help and mutual aid among members.
  • Mutual benefits scheme the Primary object of which is to create fund by Rising contribution from member by accepting grants and donation or otherwise and employ such funds for the benefits of its members.
  • Thrift and saving schemes, Primary object of which is to encourage to provide facilities of the exercise of thrift and among the members;
  • To manage loan facilities for its members including personal loan, home loan, vehicle loan, farm equipment loan or other loans to work for social and financial development of Members.
  • To provide credit facilities to members'
  • To provide social and economic betterment of members through self help and mutual aid in accordance with co-operative principles specified in the first schedule of the Act.
  • To invest and trading of gold, silver, diamond and precious stones.


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